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Business Can Be a Grind.
 But It Doesn't Have To Be. 

KeyHire Solutions helps small business tackle their human capital challenges through positions, people and processes. From upgrading teams to customized action plans to boost performance, the consultants at KeyHire Solutions have the experience and expertise to help you stop grinding and start growing. 

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No Time

Do you feel like you are always "on the job?" Are you taking on multiple roles to get everything done right?

Maxed Out

Are you afraid to take on new business? Have you lost business because your team can't deliver?

Taking a Toll

Are you lying awake at night thinking about your sense of responsibility and the future of your company?

Growth Takes More Than Will and Determination. It Takes a Plan.

As a business owner, it is easy to fall into the trap of taking on more responsibility and working longer hours while your business is growing. It can be a grind.  It doesn't have to be.

In our experience, businesses struggle to grow for 1 of these 3 reasons:


The needs of the business  outgrows its organizational structure.


The demands of the business exceeds its capabilities. 


The size of your business surpasses the experience of its' leadership.

Corey Transparent Photo 1003x1024

Corey Harlock

Principal Consultant
KeyHire Solutions

You can't operate a $10 million business on a $5 million process. And you can't ask for more from people who don't have anything to left to give.  

KeyHire is a complete Human Capital Solution designed help Small Business Owners scale and grow their business by minimizing talent constraint and maximizing leadership capacity.  

Whether you need to fill or upgrade a current role, develop and hire for a new leadership role or have us create a comprehensive human capital plan to help you transform and scale your business, we can help.

Our goal is to partner with you to build a successful, scalable business so you can Stop Grinding, and Start Growing.


“We were faced with a sudden increase in business and the existing person didn’t know how to get production ramped up.” 

Darrell Haun

Darell Haun

President, Solarcraft, inc.

Very Committed

"At the end of the day, we were thrilled with the results KeyHire delivered. Corey did more than he promised."

Reece Complete Security 1200xx4032 2268 0 378 300x300

Dean Reece

President, REECE Complete Security Solutions

Strategy and Process

““I tend to hire too soon, pay too much and get the wrong people.” 

David Gordon

David Gordon

President, Aspire Fine Homes

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