I wasn’t happy with the traditional recruitment process.

Why? Traditional recruitment is not catering to individual businesses and their unique needs and provides the same solution to each and every company.

How do I know? I worked as an Executive Recruiter for over 10 years, got frustrated with the process, and decided to launch my own human capital consulting company: Keyhire Solutions.

Why Traditional Recruiting is Not the Way to Build Teams and Grow Companies.

Companies are never excited to work with a recruiting agency

The typical recruiting agency process is not adaptable because it does not treat each company as a unique entity. A lack of a holistic process leads to tension between clients and agencies. This makes the recruiting process less fruitful for businesses.

Smaller clients have less recruiting success

The traditional recruiting process is often too costly for smaller businesses. These businesses need as much care and attention as any large business as they have unique requirements.

KeyHire is more than a Recruiting Solution

Let’s get one thing straight: KeyHire is not an “agency.” The agency model is costly and generic. Most of all, it caters only to big corporate businesses.

Our mission is to provide in-depth human capital counseling. This method allows us to understand our client’s vision and what they hope to achieve. In this manner, we can help our clients to discover their organizational needs and assemble the right team to reach their growth objectives.

What KeyHire Does

We are problem-solvers. Our team of consultants will always find the best solutions for your business based on your specific business needs. In our experience, most small business owners try to solve all of their problems with “one swing of the bat.”  And, most of the time, they are left disappointed.

Our first job is to understand your company’s foundation. We will analyze your organizational structure and work with you and your team to understand what changes need to be made.

Once we set a foundation for your business then it is time to identify gaps in your leadership and what are the constraints keeping you from reaching your objectives. This holistic process involves identifying roles that are necessary and where leadership can be strengthened.

Clients prefer this approach as it allows us to understand them and their business on a deep level. And we become invested in your business’ future!

“Recently, our company retained Key Hire Solutions to help us find people in a tight job market. We ended up getting way more than we bargained for. Key Hire performs an ongoing detailed analysis and articulation of our core values. The people Corey brings to us are well matched to the rest of our team, this process has helped our company to set our sights much higher. After a couple of months, our first “key hire” is already on board and we are excited about the future!” – Dean Reece, President – REECE Complete Security Solutions

Keyhire wants your business to shine

Most importantly, we want you to know just how it will happen. That’s why, over the next few weeks, I will be introducing Keyhire’s methods and strategies in our blog posts.

Investing in in your human capital can transform your business. From our Company Culture & Immersion Strategy to how we acquire talent, we will give you all the insights into how Keyhire’s human capital solution works.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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