Are you a visionary leader? Are you the idea generator in your business? 

We used to have a client who famously said “I have ten ideas a day. Nine of them are crap, and it’s your job as leaders in my business to identify the one good one and put it into action.”

We’ve been having a ton of conversations lately with clients around leadership and visionary leadership, and it’s been interesting. 

Having a visionary leader is essential to getting a business off the ground, to keeping that fire, keeping that engine burning with ideas and solutions and being able to problem solve and overcome obstacles. 

But at a point, it can become the thing that breaks on your business as you build your leadership team. Often times a visionary leader will spew ideas and their team won’t understand that they’re allowed to disagree or are able to see that not all the ideas are intended to be put into action, but it’s just thinking out loud.

So that’s kind we’re talking about today. If you’re a leader or an owner of a business, are you running into issues where you know your people are wasting time on things that really don’t matter and you don’t understand why? Are you dividing the attention of your people by giving them a new idea every day and not giving them the time to complete a task that’s in line with your growth vision?

So let’s look at a couple of different circumstances here. The first one is your environment or culture.

Have you made it clear to your leaders that they are allowed to disagree with you? They’re allowed to say that is a bad idea, or do you have people that are pleasers?

Create that environment of multiple perspectives.

Make sure your leadership team is clear that they are allowed to disagree with you, especially if they come from big corporate environments where everything kind of goes up the chain of command and comes back down. Those people are sometimes used to not questioning, they’re used to not having a voice in the way things go. They may have joined your small business so they can have some influence, but they haven’t gotten over that habit of just listening to the boss and doing what they say.

Create the right environment for people to agree or engage in the discussion or disagree with your ideas. Remember, you have a vision you’re working towards here, and you don’t want to detract from that.

 The second thing we wanted to discuss is whether or not your ideas in line with the vision of the top.

When a business gets launched, a visionary is essential to help overcome the obstacles or know what they’re allowed or not allowed to do. A visionary can jump in with idea generation and problem solving and help push the business forward will it forward. But at a point, all the ideas can muddy the waters and stop it the business from progressing in the right direction. As the business gets bigger, the ideas have to become more streamlined and in line with the plan for growth.

So how can you create an effective time and space to just kind of dump these ideas out and discuss them? Oftentimes those can be at a weekly meeting. It can be scheduled into your meetings. Some people do the EOS level ten meetings, some people have traditional management meetings, but carving out a section for ideas and brainstorming is a great way to manage the flood of ideas. 

If you have any questions or want to talk through a good platform to let people discuss new ideas while keep your business on track, feel free to schedule a FREE consultation with us. 

Stop grinding and start growing!

See you soon.

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