Your business will be different and, your competition will be different. The only question remaining is… will you upgrade your leadership team? Will you come out stronger than you were before all this craziness? Someone has to. 

“In 1996, rock band Van Halen had a falling out with their second lead singer, Sammy Hagar, who had been with the band since 1985. After a failed reunion attempt with original lead vocalist David Lee Roth, who had been with Van Halen from 1974 to 1985, Van Halen was once again without a lead vocalist. At the urging of Van Halen’s manager, Ray Danniels (who also managed Extreme), Cherone was called for an audition.”

Gary Cherone, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You can’t make this stuff up. Gary Cherone ended up with VanHalen, one of the biggest bands on the planet because a guy knew a guy! Not a great hiring strategy – especially if you’re upgrading your leadership team.

Will you take the time to review your positions, people and processes?Will you take this opportunity to upgrade your leadership team?

Will you take this opportunity to upgrade your leadership team?

If you are,

There are 3 Big Mistakes Business Owners make when Upgrading their Leadership Team.

1. They Hire the Wrong Person, For the Wrong Roles or, The Wrong Person for the Wrong Role.

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I’ve seen this happen a lot in the past. A business owner has a “feeling” about a role in their company. They get introduced to someone who has some of the experience they think they need. They strike up a deal and, 6-months later the business owner is wondering what the hell happened?
The savior they thought they hired turned out to be smoke and mirrors and left the company in a worse spot than they found it.

Had the business owner taken the time to define the role and take a serious look at the needs of the company they would have realized that this person was a bad fit from the beginning. If you’re a fan of the office, the picture says it all.

I once had a client who brought me in to hire them a General Manager. The previous person they hired for the role didn’t work out. They came in with a lot of big ideas and, didn’t deliver on most of them.

The biggest mistake they made was not defining the role. Had they taken the time to do so, they would have realized they needed expertise in production. The person they brought in had a background in sales. They didn’t have the experience to level up a production department that was already struggling. The company continued to grind along while the owner wondered why he ever hired a General Manager in the first place.

2. They Hire for Current or Immediate Business Needs.

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When you’re going a hundred miles an hour for 10 – 12 hours a day, every day, it’s hard to see around corners. And, they have a gap in experience or a special need in their business today, so they fill it with a leader that becomes obsolete when the gap or need goes away. Or, the leader doesn’t have the capacity to move the company forward.

Don’t hire too small. If you are going to invest your valuable time and resources to bring in a new leader, take the time to make sure you’re hiring someone who can move the needle in your company. Don’t fall into the trap of hiring someone who can help you today but can’t tomorrow. Take the time to align your vision with your needs and go out and get someone who can help you today and take you into tomorrow. Don’t keep pushing that boulder up-hill!

3. They Hire Below Their Needs


Have you ever thought, “If I could just find someone to take care of my admin, my busy work, the low-level work? Instead, of hiring someone with the expertise to truly remove “to-dos” from your list. If you think about it, hiring someone with the experience you lack is a much better idea than hiring someone on the cheap to take “stuff” off your plate.

That is mistake #3.

There are many problems that come with hiring an inexpensive, inexperienced hourly employee. You have to train them on what you need them to do. Do you have time to train? You don’t trust them with any of the important stuff. Do you have time to double-check their work?
But the real kicker comes when you do take on a new initiative or grow your company. Your workload increases dramatically and their responsibilities stay the same. Unless of course, you can find the time to train them on the new stuff and follow up on their work! That shirt used to fit!

You’ll outgrow their ability in no time. If you need admin help. Hire a professional administrator. If you need help with your bookkeeping, hire an experienced bookkeeper.

Your investment in time and resources will be comparable but the ROI will be immeasurable to your growing business. They will make your life much easier and, improve your business with the experience, process, procedure and, ideas they bring.

Next Tuesday we’ll take a look at a Hiring Strategy you can put in place to upgrade your business.

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Leave your questions about bad managers below or contact me directly at I’m here to help where I can.

We’ve also started a “Help Line” for small business owners who have questions about how to deal with their leadership team or any human capital issues in this uncertain time.

Stay tuned and I look forward to helping you Make Your Business Rock NOW, and down the road.

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Corey Harlock – Principal, Key Hire

Corey Harlock is a driven consultant, teacher, keynote speaker, and three-time business founder. After shutting down his Recruiting Agency HRN in Canada to move to Houston, Texas, Corey realized that the vast majority of businesses and business owners were severely underserviced and, in some cases, completely ignored. So, he created and launched a company with a mission of helping small and mid-market business owners. He has authored dozens of articles on team building, talent acquisition, and the power of Building High-Impact Teams for growing companies.

Corey is currently the Principal Consultant of Key Hire Team Building Solutions, the only solution on the market that helps Small Business Owners focus on Positions, People and, Process so they can enjoy a stable, growing business and balanced life.

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