Time to Upgrade Your Operational Process?

operational process

Your operational process or playbook is the key to winning in business and sport. Are you playing in the minor leagues or the big leagues? With the return of football, I wanted to compare your business with football. Firstly, as we move forward, The coaching staff will represent your leadership team The playbook will represent…

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Is Your Company an Idling Porsche?

is your company

If your business were a car, what kind of car would it be? Before I get onto this, I know there are a lot more options than I am going to present. To keep it simple and straight forward, I have broken it this topic down into 4 categories. If we broke your business down…

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How to Double your Business with Velocity.

double your business

What is the velocity of your business? I asked that question because a lot of small business owners that are trying to double their business confuse speed with velocity. Speed is the rate at which someone or something I was able to move or operate. Velocity is the change in position divided by our time…

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Addiction to Chaos

addicted to chaos

Is the value of your product or service is directly tied to how hard it is to produce, and how many hours it takes you to deliver? Do you think that if you didn’t have to work as hard or put in as many hours, you couldn’t charge as much for your product or service?…

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Today I want to talk about how to hire remote salespeople for your business. There are Two Reasons You Hire Remote Salespeople. You want access to better candidates. You want access to a new market by hiring someone in an area with expertise in a specific market or region. Whatever the case may be for…

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How to Hire Leaders Pt. 1

how to hire leaders

Companies do the exact revenue they are designed to do. If you want to re-establish or grow your business, you have to know how to hire leaders that can Ozzy Osbourne (b. 1948) is a musician active in the industry since the 1960s. He’s known for an urban legend that consists of his biting the heads…

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upgrading your management team

Your business will be different and, your competition will be different. The only question remaining is… will you upgrade your leadership team? Will you come out stronger than you were before all this craziness? Someone has to.  “In 1996, rock band Van Halen had a falling out with their second lead singer, Sammy Hagar, who had been with…

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bad managers

Today is article #3 in our 5-part series on How To Rebuild Your Leadership Team After Covid. Today we look at Bad Managers. “Touring with Cherone had proven disappointing in terms of attendance. Eddie later admitted that “the powers that be” (Warner Bros.) had forced his hand in parting with Cherone.” Wikipedia The band had…

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strategic leadership

Strategic Leadership could be the Key to Coming Back Stronger Van Halen’s recording career hit its first major road bump on March 17, 1998. That’s when they released III, an album that debuted their third singer, former Extreme vocalist Gary Cherone. UltimateClassicRock.com Van Halen was flying high. They were the highest-paid band on the planet with…

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Rebuilding Your Leadership Team After Covid

leadership team

You might be thinking, “how can Van Halen help me rebuild my leadership team?” Do you remember who the original singer of Van Halen was? That’s right, it was “Diamond” David Lee Roth. There’s a continuing debate amongst music purists about who was a better frontman for the band. Personally, I’m a Diamond Dave kinda…

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