“I could change my life to better suit your mood –Because you’re so smooth.”

The One Thing Most Be Owners Overlook When Hiring For Small Business: Considerate, Be Understanding, Be Accommodating.

How You Court High Impact Talent Can Make Or Break Your Chances Of Hiring Them.

It’s a candidate’s world when it comes to hiring for small business.

It’s a candidate’s world when it comes to hiring for small business.

And if you don’t have a solid strategy and approach, you’re going to make mistakes and alienate candidates. They do their homework and shop around. High Impact Talent (HIT) also expect to be respected during the interview process.

You gotta be smooth. Really smooth.

You want them to understand you respect them … and their time. You want them in a great mood when you engage them.  How you interact with them is every bit as important as what you say and what you offer. You’re being evaluated every bit as much as you are looking them over.

Hiring for small business is not just about filling an open position any longer.

Recruiting at the highest, most strategic level is another form of marketing. When you look at it that way, it’s easier to develop a proper process that creates a candidate-centric approach that prioritizes the “candidate experience.”

And you need a sold, proven process that works to produce that experience. We counsel clients just your company to bring candidates into the hiring funnel while maintaining an ongoing, engaged relationship based on mutual respect and a first-class process. At Key Hire Recruiting solutions we call it …

Recruiting In The Key Of “C”

Our “Recruiting In The Key of C” strategy offers you the opportunity to create a solid recruiting foundation for hiring for small business based on what we call The Four“C”s:

  • Complete Process
  • Controlled Process
  • Consistent Process
  • Considerate Process

Here’s how they break down:

Complete Process

Everything you do or communicate with a HIT candidate needs to be part of an end-to-end thought out process. Everything. Every phone call, email, greeting, meeting … everything has to be part of a plan.

Controlled Process

A strategy with a deployment plan is just thinking. So your process needs to be controlled from start to finish. Having an agenda, a schedule, and a timeline – even a rough scripting or notes of what you should be saying — at every point of your engagement with a candidate.

Consistent Process

Having a plan that ensures you are following the plan, asking the same questions and including the same people is key to understanding when you have a HIT candidate in your midst.

Considerate Process

You have to be understanding and accommodating. Remember, you need to work around your candidate’s schedule. They have other important things to do. They need to feel comfortable to speak with you. So don’t bug them. Don’t try to make them talk at work or anywhere that makes them uncomfortable. You want them at their most relaxed. Be direct but be considerate of their situation and accommodate their busy schedule so they can be as open and honest as they can. It’s all to your benefit. Here’s an example of how to reach out to a HIT candidate to schedule a prescreen interview:

“Hi. I got your resume and it looks great. I’d love to get you on the phone for 15 minutes. Would tomorrow at 10 a.m. work?  If not let me know what is most convenient for you. Thank you.”

So, how rough around the edges is your recruiting process?  I’d love to help you develop a smart, smooth strategy to help you attract, engage and hire the best available talent for your needs.

Learn more about our Interviewing in the Key of C and how to build your own amazing interview process.

Keep it smooth. Get tuned into your talent and …

Make Your Business Rock

DSC 0013 2 150x150Corey Harlock is a driven consultant, teacher, keynote speaker, and three-time business founder. After shutting down his Recruiting Agency HRN in Canada to move to Houston, Texas, Corey realized that the huge majority of businesses and business owners were being severely underserviced and, in some cases, ignored. So, he created and launched a company with a mission of helping only small and mid-market businesses, authored dozens of articles on team building, talent acquisition and the power of Building a High-Impact Team for growing companies.

Corey is currently the Principal Consultant of Key Hire Recruiting Solutions, a strategic talent consulting and acquisition firm that helps business owners build their organizational charts, develop new positions and create their hiring strategy. Once the vision is complete, we go out and acquire the talent and build the teams they need to meet their growth objectives. Key Hire’s proprietary process takes a deep dive into a company’s organizational culture and determines the people to target, engage with and hire to meet and exceed their growth objectives in a controlled manner.

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