Today You Have To Use Marketing
Techniques To Entice, Engage And
Empower High-Impact Talent.


“I been in the right place but it must have been the wrong time
I’d have said the right thing but I must have used the wrong line”
                                                                                                  Dr. John


You’ve heard it before:  your people are your best asset.


But is your company walking that talk?  Be honest.


So many small businesses don’t acknowledge this fact of life in today’s competitive employment landscape.


You Simply Must Change The
Conversation When Looking For High-Impact Talent


Changing the old ways of conversation about and with your prospective new executives is key to hiring success. HIT® control the dialogue in today’s recruiting world. Period.  It’s a buyer’s market for HIT®.  So if you’re using the same old shtick you used to hire current employees years ago, you won’t even be a blip on the radar screen of seriously talented, transformative professionals who take you to the next level of success … and beyond.


Several years ago, David DeLong and Steve Trautman accurately named and framed what this means in their outstanding bookThe Executive Guide to High-Impact Talent Management. They combined wide-ranging research and real-world expertise to chart a clear and efficient path for senior leaders. They show how to not only reduce the risks of talent shortages but also maximize the payoff of workforce and leadership development investments.

Sharing their findings based on more than 70 interviews with senior executives and top-rated talent experts and their own experience as leaders and consultants, DeLong and Trauma efficiently evaluate and measure workforce and leadership investments


  • Ensure your staff is aligning talent processes to support business strategy
  • Accelerate leadership development and the transfer of critical knowledge
  • Communicate cultural principles that will drive recruiting, development, and retention programs
  • Assess the talent management IQ of your leadership team


At Key Hire Recruiting Solutions, we tell our small business clients that crafting the right message, getting it to the right person in the right place is critical to get the talent you need. You have to be savvier, smarter and swifter when you make your hiring “pitch.” Recent studies show that in the next few years many companies could have only about half the leaders and skilled workers they need–and that these talent shortages will be particularly acute in the critical sectors like engineering, health care, energy, government, manufacturing, and aerospace and defence. As a business leader you need to ask yourself one question:


“Do we have who it takes to drive high-impact talent
business performance in the future?”


Read that again. Not “what it takes” but “who” it takes to transform your business for success in the future.  You have to understand the emotions and logic inherent in the new age of HIT®.   Do your homework and try to get inside the head of the person you want. What is he or she thinking?  Do this and then craft a compelling message that truly connects with prospects.


Our article “Treat Me Right”  – Your Reputation Is Your Best Recruiting Tool will give you some pointers on how to land High-Impact Talent.



Speaking of prospects, the greatest message in the world will all on deaf ears if it’s not directed to precisely the limited few candidates you really need.  You have to be talking to the right person. And with today’s ever-changing platforms of communication, you have to be savvy in the venues and technology you use to reach them.  These folks do their homework and are more and more demanding about “how” you engage them.


They want to converse with you on their schedule, in their way at a time that is convenient for them.  The “right” place probably isn’t the sea of job boards and recruiters who promise you a steady stream of (allegedly) “ideal” candidates. That’s a dead end. If you have the right message and have identified the limited few right prospects, be sure you conduct your conversations in the space and place most conducive to grabbing and keeping their attention.


You CAN DO ALL of this. Progressive-minded business leaders are recognizing more and more their time is better spent on finance, services, products and operations, not hiring.





Corey Harlock
Principal Consultant


Make Your Business Rock!


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