What are some signs that a process needs reworking?

We obviously look at it from a human capital perspective. Who’s in charge of that process, and what is their level knowledge or capacity? As companies grow, lean management can be an incredibly effective tool to keep your people and processes on track.

Other considerations should include whatever efficiencies have you put in place to improve the overall processs. From measures to boost quality or time delivery, to lowering labor costs and creating a safer environment for people.

Oftentimes owners will say “Hey, we just do what we do. This is how we’ve always done it. Why change?” There’s probably need for process improvement around that.

First – We want all of our people to go home with the same number of fingers and toes that became to work. Second – we want to provide quality to every customer.

We’ll share a quick anecdote on these importance on these priorities:

We helped source a new Director of Operations for a client. After a few months, we followed up with them and asked after the new hire’s performance. The owner said “they’re doing pretty well. I don’t think they’re working on the right things, but I think they’re doing okay.”

We decided to drop by and have a chat with them. We asked them how progress in the new role was going, and they said “Great! Let me show you around.”

Every single thing they were working on was focused on safety. This client relies on a small pool of highly-skilled workers. So, if one of them was out sick or, or injured, that would massively hurt the firm’s overall productivity. The new Director of Operations recognized this and improved the process because the company can’t afford to have one of these people hurt and be unable to complete their tasks.

And so we returned to the owner and let them know the new hire was right on track. Fast forward a few years, the business is humming and they’re super please. By bringing in an individual who new how to establish a new process, the company was able to build on that knowledge and use it to scale as time went on.

That’s what a good operational expert will do for you. So, when you need to improve a process, the biggest symptom we look for is the amount of time spent. If you believe you can scale by using the same process but spending more time, the odds are that you will burn yourself out and only have limited success.

To scale, it’s important to surround yourself with experts and recognize when a process needs reworking.

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