Is Your Company an Idling Porsche?

is your company

If your business were a car, what kind of car would it be?

Before I get onto this, I know there are a lot more options than I am going to present. To keep it simple and straight forward, I have broken it this topic down into 4 categories.

If we broke your business down into two areas and put them on a graph, it would look like this.

  • X-Axis =  the engine or your operating systems
  • Y-Axis =  the driver or your sales organization

If we put different businesses on this graph here is how they would break down. Is Your company a:

1.      Chrysler K-Car.

is your company

Yes, it is reliable and affordable. But the engine is low capacity and low performance. It doesn’t take a highly skilled drive to operate this vehicle because it doesn’t take much to get maximum capacity out of this engine.

2.      Formula -1

This is a finely tuned automobile. It has high capacity and high performance and it takes a highly skilled driver to get the most out of its engine. This is a business with highly trained sales organizations and high capacity operating systems.

3.      Idling Porsche

This car has a finely tuned engine that can handle a highly skilled driver. In this situation, it is a business with a great operating system that can deliver the companies goods or services at a greater volume. But the sales organization isn’t driving it the way it needs to be driven.  It’s like your sales team is driving your brand-new Porsche down the slow lane in first gear.  They’re not pushing the engine to its capacity.

4.      Red Lined Miata

This is an organization with a 4-cylinder, low capacity engine, and a highly skilled sales team that are driving the crap out of it! They are constantly redlining the engine, and you know what happens when you push a small engine too far.  It blows up! The same thing will happen to your organization.

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He is a driven consultant, teacher, keynote speaker, and three-time business founder. After shutting down his Recruiting Agency HRN in Canada to move to Houston, Texas, Corey realized that the vast majority of businesses and business owners were severely underserviced and, in some cases, completely ignored. So, he created and launched a company with a mission of helping small and mid-market business owners. He has authored dozens of articles on team building, talent acquisition, and the power of Building High-Impact Teams for growing companies.

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