“You can sit around and wait for the phone to ring.

Waiting for someone to tell you everything.”

Keep Your Candidate Informed: How To Control The Interview Process

Here’s What The Last 30 Seconds Of Every Stage Of Your Interview Process Should Look (And Sound) Like.

So, let’s say you have a hot prospect for a key position in your company. And you’re ready to seriously engage with him or her.

Do you have a strategy about what should happen at the end of the line of each and every communication you have with your High Impact Talent?

How do you close out each communication and maintain control of the interviewing process?

If you don’t have answers to these two critical interviewing questions, I’ve got some good news. Key Hire can help.  We get it. We know that interviewing isn’t your strong suit. You have a lot on your plate. But if you are truly looking for the kind of transformative talent you need to get to the next level of success, you really have to control the interview process with purpose.

But that’s not all.

Paint A Picture Of The Process And The Next Steps In Your Engagement

The most common complaint from job applicants is the lack of communication during and after the interviewing process. So you absolutely need to be respectful of the candidates’ time and schedule. Let them know what’s happening at every stage of your engagement. For astute candidates (the kind you want), the hiring process provides insight into the culture and values of your company.

So how you communicate with HIT candidates during your entire hiring process can make or break the reputation of your company.  Remember that word travels fast these days. Really fast. A negative experience for the candidate can be bad news for you … and your prospects for attracting HIT in the future.

“Thanks for taking time today. I enjoyed …”

This is pretty much how you want to end the last 30 seconds of each phase of your hiring process. Let’s say you just did the pre-screen interview and want to move the candidate further along. You might say something just like this:

“I’d like to thank you for taking time today to talk. I like what I hear so far and so here’s what I’d like to do. If you agree to take the next step, I’d like to schedule a more in-depth conversation by phone and take a much deeper dive into your background and expertise.”

Presuming the candidate agrees, you should then be immediately proactive and say:

“Excellent, if all goes well on our call, then we would invite you here on site for a one to two-hour meeting and conclude your visit with a tour and possibly meet key members of the team you’ll be working with. How does that sound?”

Finally, to keep things moving swiftly, ask the candidate directly:

“So how is (insert day) at (insert time) for our next call?”

Sounds simple, right? Well, it is.

Yet few business owners and leaders think of doing this to control the interview process, the communications, the process flow and along each step make the candidate more comfortable while you gain critical insight to make a final hiring decision.

The key is to keep your candidates informed and reminded of the next steps of every stage in your hiring process. You want them to know you’re on top of things, sincerely interested and willing to accommodate their own busy schedule.

And, they will thank you for letting them know what to expect and what the timeline is.  Most candidates are left to wait by the phone, confused about what is going on for days before they hear from you.  This isn’t the impression we want to give them.

Hopefully, these simple recommendations and considerations will go a long way towards impressing your candidate while simultaneously taking control of the interview process, flow of the communication and the agenda at large.

So by the time you reach the end of the line, you just hired High Impact Talent that truly can transform your business and position your company for the next level of success.

Stay tuned for our next installment where we talk more about how to take control of the interview process and don’t forget to…

Make Your Business Rock!

DSC 0013 2 150x150Corey Harlock is a driven consultant, teacher, keynote speaker, and three-time business founder. After shutting down his Recruiting Agency HRN in Canada to move to Houston, Texas, Corey realized that the huge majority of businesses and business owners were being severely underserviced and, in some cases, ignored. So, he created and launched a company with a mission of helping only small and mid-market businesses, authored dozens of articles on team building, talent acquisition and the power of Building a High-Impact Team for growing companies.

Corey is currently the Principal Consultant of Key Hire Recruiting Solutions, a strategic talent consulting and acquisition firm that helps business owners build their organizational charts, develop new positions and create their hiring strategy. Once the vision is complete, we go out and acquire the talent and build the teams they need to meet their growth objectives. Key Hire’s proprietary process takes a deep dive into a company’s organizational culture and determines the people to target, engage with and hire to meet and exceed their growth objectives in a controlled manner.

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