A lot of what we do is creating new roles and acquiring the talent to fill those new roles for small business. We also create organizational charts and complete plans to help you scale your business. It often comes down to how can we change the small business mindset to help us scale your business.

Many small business owners think the value of their product or service is tied up in how hard it is to deliver, not the quality or the on time delivery.

We worked with a manufacturer who could get a client anything, anytime – you just had to pay for it. Through the simple process of kind of going through what material had the highest demand and putting it in the warehouse, they were able to substantially up their margins.

Even with a process changes, you can still charge whatever you want. They don’t know how hard it was for you to find that material. But the owner disagreed, stating that now it was too easy. They can’t charge as much if it’s not that if it’s not as hard and the reality is you can charge that much.

You can just say “we’re the only guys who have the material, we can still charge our prices.” The owner was in love with how hard it was to deliver and not the quality or the delivery time of his product.

This is the mindset that we talk about shifting. The first thing we wanna do is acknowledge whether or not that we’re trapped in this same trap.

We have to acknowledge that the business may have outgrown our experience or capacity- or the experience and capacity of our leadership team. It’s the Peter Principle. Everyone rises to the level of their own incompetence.

If we don’t have the experience to draw upon to make improvements, we can’t make the improvements. And oftentimes leadership teams in a small businesses are people that have been with us a long time. They’re the people that have shown up every day. They were reliable. They care. They care about our business.

They’re part of our family, our work family. We trust them and we’ve kept promoting them throughout the years. But at the end of the day, the only experience they have is in our business doing X amount of dollars and they don’t have experience or capacity to draw upon to improve upon our processes and procedures that we can scale into.

They don’t have the capacity. Right. And they also become overvalued assets. We talked about this in the last livestream. We’re often paying them more than the open market would pay them because they’ve been with us so long. So they’re an overpaid asset that doesn’t have the experience or the capacity to drive our business or help us, uh, create process and procedure to help us scale.

So this is what we need to look at. We need to acknowledge that and recognize that the first thing we need to do is build processes and procedures that are scalable so we can grow rapidly.

Small business owners work tons of hours. They put their relationships with their family and friends at risk. Their work life balance is crazy. They carry a burden of making sure they can pay their employees so they can put food on the table. It’s hard work being a business owner and the business that you’ve grown is amazing.

But my job and the job of people who come into your business with more experience than you have, is to often tell you your baby’s ugly. You’ve gotten this far, right? What you did to take it from $0 to $5 or $10 million worked. It got you there, but what got you to $5 or 10 million won’t get you to $15 or $20 million.

If you hire someone who has the more experienced capacity than you need today, someone, if you’re a $10 million/year business, who understands how to build and create and run a $30 or $40 million business, their ideas, the processes and the procedures they want to implement in your business are gonna be different than the ones that you currently employ.

Doesn’t mean yours are bad. It just means they’re outdated. They’re not scalable. They were perfect to get you to $10 million, but they’re the wrong processes to get you to $20 and you have to let these people do what they do and make those changes and it’s gonna hurt.

We need to change it because it doesn’t work anymore. It’s antiquated, it’s outdated. If you’ve targeted, if you’ve the right person, we need to trust them to come in and make our business better.

We can’t hire great people and say “This is how we do things. I need you to do it.” The process didn’t work before hiring a great person. The person themselves can’t make the process work.

If the process doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Uh, so. Those are just our thoughts around the small business mindset, how we can change it and what holds small business owners back often.

Whether you’re looking to scale but not sure your process are ready, or maybe aren’t sure how to begin the growth process – let us help. Visit www.keyhire.solutions/consultaiton for a free consultation with our experts.

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