Why Structure And Consistency Are Critical To Hiring for Culture Fit.

“You know I’m born to lose, and gambling’s for fools…”

Lemmy Kilmister, the founder, leader and, bassist for rock group Motörhead was widely regarded as probably the most bad-ass bass player in modern rock.

He knew instinctively that creating a solid, “bass line” is critical to the foundation of all the band does. Keeping time. Providing a consistent and predictable rhythm everybody knows and can respond to.

Think of the “bass line” as the “baseline” for the band.

Without Structure Hiring for Culture Fit is Impossible.

In your company, when you are interviewing for High Impact Talent (HIT), you also simply to have consistency; you have to establish your own “baseline” so you can evaluate, contrast and compare each candidate using the exact same criteria. Put simply, you need to structure your interviews when hiring for culture fit. If you don’t, you just might as well walk off the stage. Because you’re doomed to fail. And it happens a lot more often than it needs to.

Structure gives you a solid basis for developing an interview process where you ask the same exact questions at exactly the same stage of each interview.

The Benefits of a Consistent Interview Process and Hiring for Culture Fit are Simple:

  1. Minimize Bias
  2. Create A Baseline For Comparison

This is especially key when it comes to exactly how you will value and a potential new hire in terms of compensation and package. Maybe that $70k employee actually has a better track record of performance and can get you to the next level faster and better than an $80k employee. The difference will be much clearer with a structured hiring process.

The fact is that you need every data point you can gather to effectively make such determinations. Money is important, sure. BUT the person you really want to hire probably isn’t looking for a new position. You have to realize that and be sensitive because that’s just a fact in today’s uber-competitive recruiting environment. Across all industries.

Now let’s take a look at a rather contentious, or sensitive area for some business leaders. Even the best executives can fall prey to their own emotions, biases and therefore choose to rely on their “inner instincts”.

“I’ve built this company on a dream and a vision and it’s done well for me”

That’s super. That was then and this is now. Chances are you’re successful because of your skills and vision first and foremost. But what you got you “here” won’t always be what will get you “there”. Consider abiding by the following rules.

Lemmy 2 150x150

Three Things You Should Never Do If You’re Hiring For Culture Fit.

1. Never decide based on whether you do or don’t *like” a candidate.

Yes, you’re the boss. And your opinion matters. But when it comes to interviewing and hiring for culture fit, you have to do your level best to think rationally and not dwell on your likes or dislikes of any individual. You’re not hiring a friend. You may have nothing in common with a high-performing candidate. So what? Can they get you from A to B? THAT’s what you need to be thinking about.

2. Never let your mood be a factor – ever.

We all have good days and bad days. But as a business leader and, indeed, a role model, your mood matters. Keep your personal “bass line” steady and consistent. Be present, aware, engaged and interested. That will help you establish the right rhythm when you’re hiring for culture fit.

3. Never use your “gut” to hire.

This may be unwelcome news if you’re not a secure, forward-thinking executive. Yes, you made critical decisions using facts and intuition to get where you are. But using your gut has been empirically proven to be only 50% effective to get you where you want to go. It’s a fact. Let structure and logic be your friend and those numbers go up exponentially.

You will be surprised at first at how much more quickly and confidently you can feel about making the right hire when you create a consistent baseline for unbiased evaluations of each candidate. You’ll be able to recognize good answers. And bad ones. That alone has value enough.

Hiring transformational talent is both an art and a science and all starts with having a strategy and a an interview process that’s been designed to hire for culture fit.

So if the sound of a cash register ringing in your future is music to your ears… now’s the time start laying down your hiring “baseline” and make your business really rock.

And remember what Lemmy says: “gambling’s for fools.”

Make Your Business Rock!

DSC 0013 2 150x150Corey Harlock is a driven consultant, teacher, keynote speaker, and three-time business founder. After shutting down his Recruiting Agency HRN in Canada to move to Houston, Texas, Corey realized that the huge majority of businesses and business owners were being severely underserviced and, in some cases, ignored. So, he created and launched a company with a mission of helping only small and mid-market businesses, authored dozens of articles on team building, talent acquisition and the power of Building a High-Impact Team for growing companies.

Corey is currently the Principal Consultant of Key Hire Recruiting Solutions, a strategic talent acquisition firm that helps business owners acquire the talent and build the teams they need to meet their growth objectives. Key Hire’s proprietary process takes a deep dive into a company’s organizational culture and determines the people to target, engage with and hire to meet and exceed their growth objectives in a controlled manner.

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